Step 1) Create Your Profile

  • Click “Create a New Account” to get started.
  • Fill out all the required fields and click the “Sign Up” to submit your registration.
  • Then confirm your registration by clicking the link in email you received and you’ll be taken to complete your profile by setting up a password.

Pro Tip: The Sponsor and Username fields are case-sensitive. If you end up having trouble logging in after creating an account, it’s likely your username so write down exactly what you used to sign up since it doesn’t show up correctly on the confirmation email.

Step 2) Upgrade Package & Add-ons

  • Click “View Package Options” to access your account.
  • Select a package by clicking “Upgrade”
  • Fill out all the required fields on the Subscription Agreement then click “Accept and Continue”
  • Select any Add-ons you would like to include by clicking “Add to Cart” below the item.
  • Then click “Continue” to fill our your billing address then click “Checkout”
  • Verify your order is correct, select a payment method then click “Proceed to Make Payment”

Pro Tip: X-Node Membership + Add-on License(s) will quality you for Pro Package Access

Step 3) Waiting List for X-Node Rentals

  • Click “Access Your Dashboard” to get started.
  • Click the “X-Node Account” box to access the information.
  • Click “Reserve Your Spot”, select product, quantity and click “Submit”
  • Go over to the “Waiting” tab and click “Buy Now” button next to your rental.
  • Complete the checkout form, select payment type, submit the form and complete your payment.

Step 4) Download X-Node Wallet App

You’ll need the X-Node Mobile App to access your wallet, claim mining rewards and swap for other project tokens.

You should have received an email with your temporary login details. Simply follow the instructions within the app when setting up your wallet for the first time.

Step 5) Watch The X-Node Masterclass

Everything you need to know about X-Node projects, purchasing license and managing your wallet.